• Juan Miguel Molina (Flight Team Viento Sur)
  • José Perales (Flight Team Vent de Levant)
  • Team Imagina.
  • Antonio ( Imagina)
  • Rafa Molina (Flight Team Viento Sur).
  • José Manuel Medina Rodriguez (Kiteparts).
  • Polo
  • John Barresi
  • Hilson Nascimento.
  • Revolution Company.
  • Manuel Pino.
  • Ana, Inma, Pablo, Antonio, Rubén, José Luis, Guada, José Antonio Paños, Raul Santiago Gómez., Axell, Naiara who assist us in very important things that are barely visible but are necessary for the smooth running of the event
  • And probably we’re forgetting somebody. In this case we apologies and please let us know to include you.