Materials Needed (as usual)

  • kites and lines:
    • it should be better If you bring a vented kite, just in  case.
    • Lines of 36.5 m (international  standard) if you have them, of course..
  • Appropriate clothing for the  season of course. Attention ¡¡¡¡ You  could get cold !!!!


Like in other years we shall split into groups with the usual distribution:

  • Novice and Initiated (according to the number, we shall form several groups)
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Teams


It’s very important to participate in a megateam to know how to stop the kite in the four sides. It hasn’t to be perfect, because you’re trying to learn, but with a certain stability.

Anyway we will do a follow up megateam in order to all of you that consider it difficult, to experiment the beautiful sensation to flight in team.

We shall organize in groups, we think it is the basis of learning.

Everyone will get into the group you want, and you can move through the different working groups desired

When what you want to learn already has been started, you can go to another group notifying the responsible of the group that will help us to verify if we are right or we have to improve learning.

They will help us to improve overcome the movements proposed in each group.

Something that is also important is the individual workout, that will also be space for it.

A newer ones that start we need to convey confidence and, once given the instructions, they will have to rehearse individually with their training and if problems arise in the trained individual they must go to your group leader and to express their doubts, and we assure that we will assist them, they are new but they are one more of our little family.

Movements and actions to be addressed in each group.

Novices and Initiated

  • Kite mounting , demounting and needed material.
  • Explanation of the kite operation
  • Kite adjusting, braking and accelerating.
  • Static control of brake and accelerator. Try to stop the kite with the leading edge towards up.


  • To keep the kite stopped in the four sides and in different places of the wind window.
  • Begin megateam flight.


  • To go down perpendicular to the ground and rotate 45 ° about half meter above the ground and to pose the wingtip and the vertical rod tip on the ground, from left to right and viceversa.
  • Snap 45  (hard, like a tip stab).
  • Set 45  (soft, gentle landing).

We will work in rows and columns, because the more pilots the less window, and so created another way to megateam with better solutions to increase participation of pilots, the record is 64 achieved at the Festival of Long Beach in WA in 2010 as you can see in the following video:

We will train other megateam forms already seen, known and practised by many of you. Last year it was in the program, but we hadn’t the opportunity to train it due to wind problems.

At night, as always, at the end of dinner we will drink something if we want and we will chat topics of common interest, in a hotel lounge that both Pedro and Esteban will take care of it.

Hope that you enjoy our idea and methodology, in order to satisfy everybody, it is certain as we say, to see the whole “revomaniac” family together always is very pleasant.

This year will also try to bring prestige pilots to join us in our weekend flying our beloved kite .

We assume that all of us will follow the script for the short time we have, I mean to encourage and to warn this possible new supporters.

Are bad times, but we are confident that both Peter and Stephen will look for the best deal, especially the current situation will make them look for our pockets, so do not worry, everything will be all right.

We ask an effort in this direction in order to meet the target but with no stress as we indicated at the outset.

Greetings and thanks in advance from “Bolau“.